Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ingles Printable Coupon Matchups 12/9 - 12/15

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This Weeks AdvantageMail Reward!
Super Pretzel Pretzel Dogs, 9.6 oz., Select Varieties $2.98

Note: To get the AdvantageMail price you must be sign up for Ingles AdvantageMail. Whatever deal they have going for a particular week will be added your Ingles Shoppers Card. Go HERE to sign up for Ingles AdvangeMail.

Save $3 Instantly WYB (6) Participating Pillsbury Items w/Advantage Card
Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, 16.3 oz., Select Varieties $1.67
(Save $0.40/3  HERE) or (HERE SavingStar eCoupon)
(Save $0.50/3  HERE) or (HERE)

Pillsbury Grands! Cinnamon Rolls, 8 ct., Select Varieties $3.00
(Save $0.40/2  HERE SavingStar eCoupon)
(Save $0.60/3  HERE)
(Save $0.50/2  HERE) or (HERE)

Pillsbury Sweet or Crescent Rolls, 8 ct., Select Varieties $2.00
(Save $0.40/2 Sweet Rolls  HERE SavingStar eCoupon)
(Save $0.60/3 Sweet Rolls  HERE)
(Save $0.50/2 Sweet Rolls  HERE) or (HERE)
(Save $0.40/3 Crescents  HERE)
(Save $0.50/2 Crescents  HERE) or (HERE) or (HERE SavingStar eCoupon)

Pillsbury Ready To Bake or Chub Cookies, 16-16.5 oz., Select Varieties $2.50
(Save $1.00/2  HERE) or (HERE SavingStar eCoupon)
(Save $1.10/2  HERE) or (HERE)

Pillsbury All Ready Pie Crust, 14.1 oz., Select Varieties $2.50
(Save $0.50/2  HERE)
(Save $0.60/2  HERE) or (HERE)
(Save $0.75/2  HERE SavingStar eCoupon)

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
Birds Eye Steamfresh Premium, Chef Favorites or Lightly Seasoned Veggie Blends, 10-16 oz., Select Varieties $2.58/2
(Save $0.50/1 Chefs Favorite  HERE)
(Save $0.35/1 Whole Grain Blend  HERE)

Fresh Express Salad Mixes, Select Varieties $2.00
(Save $1.00  HERE  Enter Pinterest Contest)

Ocean Spray Cranberries, 12 oz. Bag $2.50
(Save $1.00/1  HERE Facebook)

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, 13-14 oz., Select Varieties $3.00
(Save $0.55/1 HERE)

Hormel Cure 81 Ham, Select Sizes $3.98 lb.
(Save $2.00/1  HERE)

Sea Best Cooked Peeled & Deveined Shrimp, 24 oz. 31/40 ct., Select Varieties $12.98
(Save $1.00  HERE)

Betty Crocker Cake Mix, 15.25 oz., Select Varieties $1.25
Betty Crocker Frosting, 12-16 oz., Select Varieties $1.50
(Save $0.50 WYB Frosting & Cake Mix  HERE)

Betty Crocker Pouch Cookies, 17.5 oz., Select Varieties $2.00
(Save $0.50/1  HERE)

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes, 3.7-7.2 oz., Select Varieties $1.00
(Save $0.50/2  HERE)

Campbell's Chunky Soup, 15.25-18.8 oz., Select Varieties $1.50
(Save $1.00/3  HERE)

Campbell’s Cream of Chicken or Mushroom Soup, 10.75 oz., Select Varieties $1.00
(Save $1.00/5  HERE)

Del Monte Canned Veggies, 14.5-15.25 oz., Select Varieties $1.00
(Save $0.50/4 Green Beans  HERE zip 30003)

Muir Glen Tomatoes, 14.5-15 oz., Select Varieties $1.34
(Save $1.00/2  HERE Facebook)

Progresso Soups, 18.5-19 oz., Select Varieties $1.00
(Save $1.00/4  HERE)
(Save $1.00/4 Light  HERE)

Chex or Bugles Snacks, 7.5-8.75 oz., Select Varieties $2.00
Save $0.50/1 Chex  HERE)

General Mills Big G Cereals, 10.7-18 oz., Select Varieties $2.50
(Yellow Box Cheerios & Lucky Charms Shown in Circular)
(Save $1.00/3  HERE)
(Save $1.00/2 Chex  HERE) or (HERE SavingStar eCoupon)
(Save $0.50/1 Trix  HERE)  or (HERE SavingStar eCoupon)
(Save $0.60/1 Trix  HERE) or (HERE)
(Save $0.50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios  HERE)  or (HERE SavingStar eCoupon)
(Save $0.60/1 Honey Nut Cheerios  HERE) or (HERE)

General Mills Chex Cereal, 12.8-14.25 oz., Select Varieties $2.00
(Save $1.00/2 Chex  HERE) or (HERE SavingStar eCoupon)

Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes or Crispix Cereals, 10.5-12 oz., Select Varieties $1.98
(Various Kellogg's Coupons  HERE) or (HERE)
(Save $1.00/2 Corn Flakes, Crispix and/or FiberPlus  HERE zip 33133)

Post Cereals, 13-24 oz., Select Varieties $2.50
(Honey Bunches of Oats & Select Banana Nut Shown in Circular)
(Save $1.00/1 Shredded Wheat  HERE)

Blue Bell Ice Cream, Half Gallon, Select Varieties $4.68
(Save $1.00/1 HERE)

Kahiki Tempura Chicken Nuggets, 26 oz., Select Varieties $4.98
(Save $1.00/1  HERE Update Info)
(Save $1.50/2  HERE)

Freschetta 12" Pizza, 16.08-30.7 oz., Select Varieties $4.99
(Save $1.00/1  HERE)

Huggies Diapers or Wipes, 12-360 ct., Select Varieties $8.48
(Save $2.00/1 Huggies Slip-On  HERE)
(Save $3.00/1 Snug & Dry  HERE)

Scott Bath Tissue, 12 ct., Select Varieties $6.98
(Save $0.50/1  HERE)

Viva Giant Roll Paper Towel, 8 ct., Select Varieties $9.98
(Save $0.50  HERE)

Personal & Health
Arm & Hammer Spinbrush or Refills, Select Size & Varieties $4.98
(Save $2.00  HERE) or (HERE)

ChapStick, 15 oz., Select Varieties $1.00
(Save $0.55/1 Sports Ready  HERE)

Allegra, 30 ct., Select Varieties $16.98
(Save $4.00/1 HERE)

Icy Hot Patches or Cream, Select Size & Varieties $3.98
(Save $2.00/1  HERE)
(Save $1.00/1  HERE)

Purina Fit & Trim Dry Dog Food, 16.5 lb., Select Varieties $12.78
(Save $1.10/1 or $1.65/1 ANY  HERE)

This is a work in progress I will add more printables as I find them.

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